Bauhaus villa Stuttgart

Photos © Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH

In the picturesque surroundings of Stuttgart lies a modern villa in the Bauhaus style, with its architectural centerpiece being an unrivaled folded staircase. The combination of minimalism and functionality serves as a declaration of love to the Bauhaus movement. The staircase appears to defy the laws of gravity, giving the impression that it is floating in space. Crafted from brushed oak and stained in black, the steps exude a natural elegance. In addition, the matt finish is reminiscent of the timeless aesthetics and straight lines of the Bauhaus style. This clear design language is also echoed in the delicate glass railing, crowned by a handrail made of blackened steel. On one hand, the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, typical of markiewicz, is impressively executed. On the other hand, the folded-plate staircase, with its not only contemporary but also timeless elegance, wonderfully upholds the artistic legacy of the Bauhaus style.

Type: Folding staircase

Style: Bauhaus

Design: markiewicz in cooperation with Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH

Project: RS-117