Restaurant HIDE

Photos © Joel Knight

Hedonism and good taste are phenomena encountered in architecture as well as in the culinary world. At Tatiana Fokina and Evgeny Chichvarkin’s London restaurant HIDE, this organic spiral staircase made of oak is the centre of attention alongside the culinary. Designed by London-based designer Alex Haw of Atmos Studio, planned by Heyne Tilgt Steel as structural engineer and erected by Trabczynski, this construction captures the eyes of all guests. The unique organic design gives the impression that the cheek staircase winds upwards from the somewhat dim smoky bar towards the daylight and into the restaurant. Each of the individual branch- to bone-like elements of the staircase railing captivates with its individuality. Such craftsmanship requires three aspects above all: Time, talent and patience.

Type: Winding staircase

Style: Organic

Design: Atmos Studio London

Project: RS-110